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Continuum of Care

Open Doors Homeless Coalition serves as the Collaborative Applicant for the MS-503 Continuum of Care. As required by the HEARTH Act, the membership is a “geographically based group of representatives that carries out the planning responsibilities of the Continuum of Care program… These representatives come from organizations that provide services to persons experiencing homelessness, or represent the interests of the homeless or formerly homeless.” (HEARTH Act Interim Regulations, p. 45423 of the Federal Register.) The Continuum of Care also designates a Collaborative Applicant, which is “the only entity that can apply for a grant from HUD on behalf of the Continuum that the Collaborative Applicant represents.” (Interim Reg.s page 45423.)

The HEARTH Act further sets forth that the membership/Continuum of Care is responsible for the following three primary tasks:
1)      Operation of the Continuum of Care
2)      Designation and operation of a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS); and
3)      CoC Planning.


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